History Meets Theatre!!                       


Looking for a special program?

 Why not invite "history" to come and speak?

Go back in time and experience the lives of some of history's most beloved ladies in a creative dramatic portrayal.

Or enjoy the drama of fine literature set to interpretation. 


denise.77@aol.com            716-636-0350


**Selected Programs Include**


Dolley Madison: Beloved First Lady

Amelia Earhart: Challenging and Dynamic Pilot

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell:  Our Nation's First Educated Female Physician

Clara Barton: Founder of The American Red Cross

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Remarkable Suffragette

Babe Didrikson Zaharias: Superior Athlete

Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady Extraordinaire

Remembering the Underground Railroad: A Montage of Unique Slave Stories

               For Christmas

More Than a Magi: A Perfect Christmas/Advent Program based on and presented in a dramatic reading  written by Henry Van Dyke, entitled "The Other Wiseman"---unique and meaningful.

             Also Available!

Love America!--a collection of lyrics, poetry and stories celebrating our American heritage and legacy. Presented in dramatic reading format. Inspiring and patriotic!






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